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MSIG Events is a leading PRC-based manufacturer of mid-to-high end camera and fingerprint recognition module manufacturer for mobile devices. It is one of the few Chinese manufacturer that first adopted chip on board (COB) ,chip on flex (COF), molding on board(MOB) and molding on chip technologies in the manufacturing of camera modules, products ranging from 2 to 64 mega pixels ultra-thin cameras, dual/multiple camera modules, optical image stabilization (OIS) camera modules, 3D camera modules, automotive camera modules,smart home camera modules, capacitive fingerprint recognition modules and under-glass fingerprint recognition modules. We believe that through continuous promotion of the three major strategies of building of industrial 4.0 mass production infrastructure, technological innovation and vertical integration of core components’ production, we will distinguish ourselves in the rapid growing market of camera modules and fingerprint recognition modules.

The Group adheres to the mission of “To illuminate machines” and the vision of “Leading camera technology and serving customers with excellent customer experience”. Through recruiting talents, developing cooperation with strategic partners and potential mergers and acquisitions, the Group aiming at developing the capabilities of optic design, computational imaging and system integration, strengthening the research and development of new materials, new processes and new products, improving the capability of large-scale automated precision manufacturing, actively promoting lean management, carry out customer relationship marketing and building relationship with domestic and overseas well-known smartphone branded customers, as well as achieving further breakthroughs in the application of camera modules in non-mobile customers.to enhance the core competitiveness of the Group, and is committed to grow into a technology company that can provide machine vision and human vision integrated solutions for smart mobile terminals.